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So what is Field Queen?

Finely milled whole leaf / flower cannabinoid powder. Or put differently, this is cannabis flower and leaves, milled down to an ultra fine level so as to be made convenient for consuming orally, either by capsule or mixing into a beverage. Note that while this is cannabis, it contains less than 0.3% THC and is federally legal.

So...I can just eat it?

Well, swallowing in capsule form or mixing into a drink or smoothie is the ideal way to consume - but yes, you are essentially eating raw cannabis flower.

What are the benefits

With our cannabinoid powder, we aim to offer you a variety of cannabinoids that can be consumed in high amounts (specific to individual preference) at reasonable price.

But really, at the right dose, you’re going to get a sense of relaxation, calm, euphoria, stress relief, and likely an energy boost. For many others, there are sharp reductions in joint pain and increases in ease of mobility.

How does this compare to a tincture or gummy?

Field Queen is a whole food that is nutritionally in tact. Tinctures / gummies on the other hand, are extracts, which are filled with other ingredients, have low bioavailability, and are all over the map relative to the specific cannabinoids they offer. Field Queen contains a robust cannabinoids profile, and aside from the capsules it’s contained within, is a single ingredient product.

How many cannabinoids are in your product?

We have identified 11 in our first product, Field Queen no. 1:

  1. Delta 9 THC
  2. Delta 9 THCa
  3. Delta 8 THC
  4. CBDa
  5. CBD
  6. CBN
  7. CBG
  8. CBDVa
  9. CBDV
  10. CBCa
  11. CBC
Do you offer money back guarantees?

Not at the moment. However, you can buy a single pack of 10 of either our 650mg cap or 1000mg tab, at very low price.

Will I test positive for a drug test (THC)?

Since there is THC in the product, you absolutely could

Will you be offering more products in the future?

We are just getting started… we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface yet. Stay tuned.

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