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About Us

We know whole foods are far more effective (and safe for that matter) in conferring nutritional value than their extracted and synthetic counterparts.

I’ve stopped using my prescription pain meds. This stuff is amazing.
Paris, TX
After taking FQ I played the best golf of my life. (2) holes in one in a week, felt loose and ready to roll.
St. Louis, MO
I took some Field Queen before painting my bedroom and have never had so much fun painting in my life.
St. Louis, MO
I was sitting on the couch the first time I took Field Queen and remember thinking “if this house was on fire, I don’t think I’d care.
Dallas, TX
I take it [Field Queen] everyday. I can’t live without it.
Minneapolis, MN
This has been the best sleep product I’ve ever tried.
Missoula, MT
The caps worked better than my THC tincture…
Houston, TX

In 1950, my grandfather, Raymond Bert and his partners pioneered the first forage harvester in order to mechanically harvest alfalfa. He called this harvester, Field Queen. 70 years later, Field Queen harvesters are no longer manufactured, but small family farms, such as ours, still use them to harvest forages. In 2020, when we began to produce fine milled cannabis, we needed a name for our product. We couldn’t think of a better name than FIELD QUEEN...