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The Ultimate Guide to Microdosing THC

how to microdose THC

TLDR: THC Microdosing in 10 seconds

  • Low dose THC (1-5mg) can have wildly different effects than standard 10-15mg doses.
  • For many, effects include increased energy, decreased stress levels, and low level euphoria. 
  • Microdosing is for everyone.  You don’t need to be an avid cannabis user or a part of “stoner” culture to enjoy low dose THC consumption. 

What Is Microdosing THC?

THC and Microdosing 101

Great, I’ve got your attention.  You wanna know more, let’s dive in.  

First,  some of you are only familiar with THC.  Here is all you need to know:

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the main compound responsible for 

“making you high” when you smoke or consume marijuanna products.   

And…here’s a picture of the chemical structure (science amirite?):

thc microdosing

Now…Let’s go ahead and define this whole idea by answering the question of what is microdosing THC?

THC Microdosing: The method of consuming significantly lower doses of THC than standard 10mg edibles.  Microdosing could be as low as 0.5 - 1mg of THC (10-20x lower than typical doses).  

OK…we’ve shown you what brilliant scientists we are, given you some pretty chemistry pics to look at, answered “what is microdosing THC”…aaand, now what?  Glad you asked. Let’s share some of the potential benefits of THC microdosing.

The potential benefits of microdosing THC (why YOU would want to do it). 

NOTE:  The below is from testimonies and basic preliminary scientific findings. i.e. this is a great guide but in no way a guarantee of anything. 

The main benefit of THC microdosing is that for many, it has the opposite effect of the worst aspects of high dose THC.  This table puts it into perspective:

High Dose THC (>10mg)

couch lock,

low motivation


increased anxiety




Low Dose THC (1-5mg)

increased energy


decreased stress


sense of calm, well-being


Now, you should know that THC microdosing does not guarantee these effects.  The way THC and cannabinoids affect individuals can be pretty variable (more on that further down). 

But...starting with low and controllable (THC) products lets you have the best of both worlds:

  1. You can easily find a dose that works for you, while
  2. Avoiding the negative side effects of high THC products

Real world examples of who can benefit from THC Microdosing

Want to see what microdosing THC looks like in action? Sure thing...here are some examples of how a certain type of individual may use low dose THC. 

  • Creatives (design, music, art, content): Creatives may microdose to get into a focused state when they're looking to dive in and concentrate.  
  • Stay at home Mom’s:  Certain days the little monsters are pushing Mom to her brink - it may benefit all if Mom could lower stress levels for a few hours...
  • Young professionals:  Need to block distractions and knock out 4 hours of work on a Saturday…microdosing to the rescue..
  • It’s the [freakin] weekend:  You may not want to throw back 7 beers or a bottle of wine on a Friday night given your busy Saturday, but…you still wanna relax a bit. A small amount of THC can go a long way while providing solid sleep and forgotten hangovers.  

WARNING:  Here is the necessary medical disclaimer coming your way: 

Do not take cannabis products - even low dose THC in higher risk work settings.  You know, the ones that need: 

  • surgery
  • fire fighting
  • law enforcement
  • equipment operation
  • driving / flying of any kind

Medical Marijuana (the original low dose THC)

Many MMJ patients have never (or rarely) used cannabis products.  So, when they get started taking THC, it's in low doses - like between 2 and 5mg.  

I want to show you some survey results from medical marijuana patients.  They give a good proxy of what you can expect from low dose THC. 

2010 Survey Results

✅ 12% → increased appetite

✅ 10% → nausea prevention 

✅ 50% → stress / anxiety relief 

✅ 45% → insomnia and sleep aide 

✅ 9% → improved focus and concentration

✅ 94% → reported substantial pain reduction

And get this - many in the survey quit their use of prescription drugs for pain, insomnia and anxiety. 

How To Microdose THC: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

A quick note on variability before we teach you how to microdose THC

Before the 1, 2, 3 of how to microdose THC, I’ve got to put one thing on the table…

2 people could have completely different experiences consuming equal amounts of THC.  Why?  Because several different aspects (variables) of our biology determine how cannabinoids affect us.  

So what in “our biology” affects how cannabinoids make us feel?  Let’s summarize:

  • Bioavailability: Big word, easy definition.  Let me say it like this with regards to cannabis.   There are (3) standard ways to consume cannabis: vaping, smoking, and ingesting (eating).  The amount of THC absorbed from smoking is less than vaping but more than ingesting.  i.e. the method of consumption affects "how high" you get.  
  • Cannabinoids interact and work in concert. If you take 2.5mg of THC and your buddy takes 2.5mg THC + 25mg CBD, you will have differing experiences.  Why?  Because cannabinoids influence the effect of other cannabinoids.  
  • Genes / Enzymes Your genes and enzyme activity can play a massive role in the amount of THC that becomes metabolized. Or said another way, your genetics affect how high you get - all other factors being equal. And that isn’t even considering the interaction of other cannabinoids (see above).
  • Tolerance - this one is easy enough. For THC at least, repeated use causes lessened effects.  In other words, you need more of the cannabinoid to feel similar effects, all other things being equal.

Now…that’s a good bit of information.  Don’t get hung up on it.  I only wanted you to be aware that products are different and people are different. Thus from person to person, outcomes from consuming cannabis can be very different.

OK - enough of that. Ready to learn how to microdose THC? Good. Here’s the skinny…  

Choosing The Right THC Product Is Essential

There are two things you want to get right when it comes to microdosing THC.  Nail them both and you're going to have a good time (or at least not a bad time). 

They are: 

Fast Onset - you want cannabis products that you can feel effects from within 10-20 minutes.  That way you get a sense of what to expect over the next few hours. 

Smoking and vaping guarantee quick onset, but how do you know how much THC you're consuming with each hit?  Answer: You don't.  Plus, many don’t want to smoke - and vaping seems to reveal more red flags by the day. 

With edibles, these take 45 min to 3hrs to take effect. This causes many to eat more and have a terrible experience altogether.  

Incremental and Controllable THC doses. You want cannabis products that have 1-3mg of THC so you can meter your dose.  THC is an extremely potent cannabinoid, and a little bit can go a long way.  

Adding 2mg to your dose is far more controllable than adding 10 (via a typical gummy).  Standard edibles are generally not well mixed either.  For e.g. you may think cutting a 10mg THC gummy in half would give you (2), 5mg gummies.  In reality, you may have made a 2.5mg gummy and 7.5mg gummy. 

So let me sum it up for you. 

To microdose THC, the perfect product is one that:

✅ Is well mixed and blended (homogenized)

✅ Has controllable doses of THC

✅ Will begin acting in minutes.  

OK I’m going to sell to you a bit now, ready?  

Field Queen is perfect for this (microdosing THC).  It checks all the boxes…

Fast Acting?

Field Queen is so finely milled that a large portion of the product will be absorbed within minutes. i.e. you'll feel its effects much quicker than traditional cannabis products. Usually in about 10-20 minutes.

Controllable THC Doses?  

Yes - FQ products have low, but highly effective levels of THC.  This means you can titrate your dose easily and with precision.  

Perfectly Blended?

Let's say you decide you only want a quarter of a tablet, half a teaspoon, or some fractional amount of FQ.  I guarantee that you’ll be getting an exactly proportional amount of THC and other cannabinoids.  

And while that table above checks all the proverbial boxes - the product itself is perfect (yes, I’m biased, but it is).  It’s not an extract, it’s not candy, it’s not an eyedropper filled with molasses. It’s, simple, beautiful cannabis flower.  As close to nature as it gets. 

Yes, you will get the THC but you’ll also get the other goods:

  • Terpenes like: ß-Caryophyllene, α-Humulene
  • Rare cannabinoids like: CBC, CBN, CBDV
  • Acidic cannabinoids like: THCA, CBDA, CBCA
  • And of course, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and flavonoids

  • These work together, giving you a “1 + 1 = 11”, type effect.  Scientists call this the entourage effect (learn more by clicking that link). But I just call it, common sense.

    THC Dosing Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks:

    Remember the above section on variability? Keep that in mind when dosing.  Cannabinoids affect everyone differently for a variety of  reasons.  Otherwise, here are 3 solid tips on using Field Queen and / or microdosing THC.  

  • Take product on an empty stomach (morning or evening before you’ve eaten)
  • This ensures you maximize your intake. Like alcohol, you absorb more of the active ingredient on an empty stomach vs a full stomach. 

  • The first couple of times you microdose, do it in a setting where your obligations are minimal (at home, with friends, etc).  
  • If effects are stronger than anticipated you’re in a very controllable, low stress environment.  

  • Use different doses for different purposes, after finding what works for you.  
  • You might find low dose THC is helpful for a migraine at 3mg but perfect as a stress reliever at 1.25mg.  Do what works for you.  

  • When finding your perfect dose(s), Increase your THC in 1 to 1.25mg increments.  
  • If you move your increments to much, you’ll go from fun, low dose territory to the whoa I just got really high, how did that happen???, territory.  

    Final Thoughts On How To Microdose THC

    What if the only way people consumed alcohol was by getting blackout or sloshed?  You either drank to mass intoxication, or didn’t drink at all? 

    In many ways, this is the state of modern day cannabis products.  Things are changing. But most individuals are bombarded by 10mg THC gummies that end up rocking their world and cause them to stay away from cannabis altogether.  i.e. these cannabis products are (for many) like starting with Everclear or a 5th of vodka. That is, you have a terrible experience and think that is all there is to THC and cannabis. 

    There is a much better way to consume cannabis. For a great many people, microdosing or taking smaller THC doses, is that way.  And you’ll find - like alcohol - drinking a few beers or a couple glasses of wine is way different (and more enjoyable) than pounding shots until 4AM.

    The same goes for cannabis.  It’s time you experienced microdosing THC and gave cannabis the opportunity to show you what’s possible. Give it (us?) a try.  Take care.